Our tree surgery services include:

Working on the crown of a tree

Crown Thinning

This involves the selective removal of the inner branches evenly throughout the crown of the tree, while maintaining the tree’s natural shape. This is an effective method of allowing light and air to travel though the branches. During this process dangerous deadwood and crossing branches can be removed or pruned back. This can minimize the possibility of pathogens and disease infecting the tree. This enhances stronger and healthier growth.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting by Woodland Services tree surgeonsThis is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the crown, thus lifting the height of the crown. This can be an ideal solution to ensure that people and vehicles can pass safely beneath the tree. Also this procedure can allow more light to reach the ground beneath the crown and therefore enhance the growth of plants beneath the tree.

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Crown Reduction

Reducing crown of a tree by Woodland Services tree surgery This involves reducing the size of the overall canopy. This is achieved by pruning the branches evenly throughout the crown to reduce their length. This is a good choice when a tree has become to big for it situation and an alternative to removal of the tree.

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Directional felled poplar by Woodland Services Sometimes the complete removal of the tree is necessary. This may be due to conflicting uses of the land which makes the trees’ position impossible, such as building. It may be due to disease or death of the tree which makes it dangerous.

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Sectional felling by Woodland Services If there is ample space the tree can be precision felled, or if necessary the direction of fall can be controlled be using skilled winching techniques. Usually we find most trees are growing in very confined gardens and in these cases the tree needs to be taken down by sectional felling. The tree is systematically dismantled in a controlled and safe manner to avoid any damage to the surroundings, whether that includes buildings flower borders or other trees.

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Dead Wooding

Dead wooding is the removal of dead, dying, diseased or broken branches from the tree. This can be significant for the health of the tree and important for safety. It is particularly important to check that trees are not posing a hazard if they are close to a highway or public right of way. How ever it must be acknowledged that these trees may be of important habitat value for wildlife. We can advise owners of appropriate management in order to maintain this environmental asset and to abide by wildlife and conservation legislation.


Pruning for public safety in churchyard - by Woodland Services Pruning is a specialist skill and is often required for fruit trees in order to maintain the classic shape in order to maximise light penetration and to promote high quality fruit production. We have carried out pruning on individual trees and whole orchards. We pride ourselves in this skill and have had many reports of rejuvenation of the tree after it has been carefully and painstakingly worked on mostly with secateurs and pruning saws in order to make the tree flourish in the future.

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Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Pruned yew - by Woodland Services tree surgeons We manage all sizes of hedge for screening, amenity or wildlife. We have worked on many hedges up to 80 ft tall. We endeavour to provide you with a healthy hedge suited to its purpose. Shrubs often need to be trimmed to promote healthy flowering and to ensure they do not out grow their position.



Pollarded tree by Woodland Services This method is most commonly used for maintaining willows. A crop of firewood is provided and the tree is rejuvenated.  The tree is often cut across the trunk at about 6ft or more.

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This is commonly used in a woodland situation to harvest wood from hazel or chestnut in order to provide timber for fencing, gates, green woodworking or charcoal. The tree is cut at ground level and will regrow to allow the process to be repeated in years to come.

Both of these are traditional methods of harvesting wood products in woodland but can be used very successfully to manage garden trees and shrubs aswell.

Woodland Management

Managing woodland - by Woodland Services Woodland Services has been managing small woodlands for many years. We are highly proficient in many aspects of forestry and woodland management. We can manage to maximise timber production, amenity and leisure, habitat diversity or a combination of these depending on the site. We have carried out contracts for a variety of customers including The Forestry Commission, Avon Wildlife Trust as well as private woodland owners.

We are comprehensively equipped to carry out all types of contracts, including clear felling, selective felling and coppicing. 

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Emergency call outs
and storm damage

Woodland Services working on a storm damaged tree

Over the past 25 years Woodland Services has made safe many trees which have suffered from storm damage or sudden failure.

We respond quickly, assess the dangers and restore the safety of the situation.

Horse Logging

Woodland Services uses horse logging when working on trees in sensitive habitats or where access is difficult

Many woodlands contain particularly sensitive habitats and others are difficult to access using conventional machinery. In both these cases we would consider using the expertise of Two Hearts One Mind, a horse logging team run by Mike Paddock.

Woodland Services Tree Surgeons work with the environment to protect wildlife and habitats

Mobile Milling

Woodland Services can carry out on site milling of your own timber in to beams or boards, up to 20 ft long, using our own Woodmizer 40 Super Hydraulic. This mobile mill carries out rapid and accurate conversion with very little waste.

Many customers have had their own trees converted in to timber with brilliant results. It is returned cut to precise dimensions. Timber milled by our machine has been used for flooring, roofing, stables, furniture, tree houses, musical instruments and cider presses among other things.
We have also carried out large milling subcontracts converting 1000’s of feet of timber. As the mill is fully mobile we can drive to where ever the timber is stacked.

We have found using the Woodmizer is a quick and efficient way of adding value to hardwood and softwood timber.

Timber Production

We mill timber for our own use and we also stock a limited amount of milled softwood and hardwood timber for sale.

Firewood Production

We sell and deliver seasoned hardwood logs, to customers in the local area.

Logs for firewood cut into rings by Woodland Services Logs cut for firewood by Woodland Services

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