What we do
Looking after your trees

Our friendly, local team can tackle all types of tree surgery and shrub work. Whether it's a prune, crown lift, complete fell, hedge trim or storm damage, we have the knowledge and experience to keep your garden or woodland at its very best.

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About Woodland Services - Tree Surgeons and Forestry Contractors

Woodland Services have over 25 years experience of working with trees in the North Somerset and Bristol area.

Since 1985 we have run a small, successful tree surgery business giving a caring service to the local community. We carry out all aspects of tree work and hedge cutting. Our work involves everything from complex dismantling of large trees in confined areas down to intricate fruit tree pruning. We have also have the expertise and specialist equipment to carry out local woodland and forestry contracts.

Our workforce are all qualified and have the relevant NTCP certificates. They have been working together for many years and are very experienced and efficient team. We carry £5 million public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.

Our tree surgery includes:

We care for the environment

Woodpecker next in a tree We endeavour to minimise the effect on the environment during our tree work. A habitat assessment is made in order to avoid damaging wildlife. We adhere to the guidance laid down by The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981,Conservation Regulations 1994 and European Protected Species (EPS) guidance and we take our duty to protect habitats very responsibly.

Our tree surgeon operators use biodegradable oils in the chainsaws.

All waste products from our work are recycled. The woodchip is composted and used for soil conditioner and mulch. The wood is all converted in to logs for firewood.

Did you know...?


Fascinating tree facts from Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust.